Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obituary: Baguazhang Master Si Zhen

Si Zhen (司珍), whose courtesy name (字) was Shangjie (尚傑), passed away on 2009.10.10 1:26 in Beijing. He was 84 years old. As disciple of Ma Deshan (馬德山), who was in turn disciple of Cheng Youlong (程有龍), eldest son of Cheng Tinghua (程廷華), Si Zhen represented orthodox Cheng style baguazhang in Beijing, and was well respected by the baguazhang community. Si Zhen's lineage is carried on by his top disciple, Kui Enfeng (奎恩鳳), courtesy name Shehao (社浩).

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