Friday, February 6, 2009

Walls, Walls, Walls

I have not had much success in drawing Dungeon Craft walls in general, but I finally think I have a wall that I might like! I have tried various methods in doing these walls, including:

1. Draw only the closest straight wall and then use Photoshop to distort the others walls to the right shape. This method is quick compared to the others, but stretching the first wall to the size of the other walls can be tricky (my attempts always seem to be slightly wrong...). Some retouching is sometimes required after distorting.
2. Draw all walls by hand! This method is slow, manual, and rather hard! Although I have done a few walls this way, I think I will only reserve this method for special "walls" like trees, etc.
3. Same as #1, but using only a few colors to make the work faster and simpler - in this case, only 10.

At this point, I think that method #3 has won out - I like drawing monsters and animals more than walls, so the less work, the better...

Now that I have one wall that I like, perhaps I will need a new door to go along with it, or perhaps a nice background for indoor locations?

(Edit: Uh-oh - I just noticed that I made a boo-boo and stretched the closest side-walls wrong! Guess I will have to fix this tonight...)

(Edit #2: Finally replaced the image and fixed the wall! Phew...)