Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Deep Dungeon

Although I started off making walls and such mostly for the collaboration module, "The City," these came out fairly well and I have been lately working on using this stuff for my own personal (somewhat vanilla) module, "The Deep Dungeon."

So, what is this module about? Surprisingly, a deep dungeon is in the plans for this adventure, although most work thus far has been concentrated on the surface world prior to descending to the depths. My original plan was to have a single complex dungeon, but I am currently thinking of dividing it into several dungeons of different themes... but of course, we will see how things go.

The adventure is basically in my own home-grown version of Greyhawk - because I don't feel like spending the time matching official campaign maps with my own - placed in an as-yet not decided undetailed part of Oerth. Actually, one would probably not notice much "Greyhawk" at all about my module, except from looking at the temples and priests of the world, and maybe the two moons of the sky.
However, the new frames and background are vaguely Greyhawk-themed, if one notices (latest screenshot is above). I also changed the font of the game to Palatino Linotype, one of my personal favorites.

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