Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The City

Well, I didn't submit my module in time for the Contest! Various problems hindered my progress and I thus did not get very far (yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses)... but maybe next time!

In the meantime, there is a new collaboration probject of sort - The City! Basically, several people have gotten together to build the City of Cities, dividing it in wards for each person to administer himself. So far there are 5 participants, including me!

I have thus started working on some new backgrounds and walls, although drawing such takes time for me... At the least I will have to fix up some of the unfinished walls I have sitting around (cave walls, trees, etc.) so that I can use them. Of course, I am also considering just using walls and backgrounds that others have made already, which makes sense since the rest of the city might be using them! At this point, there aren't that many walls in there, though...

In terms of ideas, right now I am fiddling with the following:
  • Five sectors (northwest, northeast, southeast, southwest, and central)
  • A fully aquatic sector (sort of like an aquarium!) - the perfect place to use all my aquatic-themed art
  • A primarily human sector
  • A primarily elven sector
  • A primarily "reject" sector (dwarves, gnomes, and worse!)
  • A spooky (?) sector inhabited by...
  • An extra futuristic level in the sky, the "City in the Sky" inhabited by robots and...
  • Magical gates for travel between parts of the ward (and maybe out!)
  • An extra extradimensional level (or two)

The picture above is a little experiment on making new backgrounds for this new project. Hmm - doing complex things like grassy ground is rather fussy. Will have to redo that part later!

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