Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dungeon Craft Design Contest

There is a Dungeon Craft Design Contest going on - and there are only three weeks left! (Original information can be found here: My own wondrous design is maybe 2% finished, so it is highly unlikely that I will have something to "hand in" by then, but... I can still try to have something playable by then.

Dungeon Craft (similarly to Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures) requires various graphics such as backgrounds, wallsets, and doors (for the 3D-esque viewport) as well as combat sets and icons (for the miniature wargaming-like combat view). Besides, it is nice to have small pictures, sprites, and big pictures for events (such as encounters), but... this is of course all a lot of work, and I have much more to do before I have enough art (I want to make ALL the art for my game, if possible!).

At this point, I have lots of icons, a some small pictures (for encounters), and a few walls and backgrounds (most unfinished). I have no sprites at all, as I have decided not to use them! If I make one sprite, I will have to make sprites for all my icons, so no sprites for now.

So - a list of things to do (in terms of graphics):

- Wallsets: brick wall (10% done), rock wall (10% done), tree walls (50% done), straw/mud hut wall
- Doors: rock wall entrance (1% done), brick wall door, straw/mud hut wall
- Overlays: some overlays would be nice!
- Small pictures: a few more level II and level III monsters (maybe gnoll, huge spider, bugbear?)
- Portraits: need a few more for PCs - maybe a male halfling, human fighter, and some others.
- Icons: more PC icons (human fighter, etc.), maybe a few more monsters (bugbear?)
- Title screen: some kind of title screen (huge at 640 x 480)
- Other graphics: borders, cursors, unconscious icon, etc.

Wow, that is a lot of stuff to do - we'll see how far I get... If I don't finish in time, that is okay, I will just continue working until I have a module of some sort that is playable someday...

In general, this adventure module will (eventually) have a rich array of random encounters (good, neutral, and evil) as well as some kind of story - but no set order to do things. If you want to be a hero - don't go and kill everyone you meet...

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